From now men can also enjoy the simplicity and efficacy of Nashi Argan products! This complete well-being routine
is specially designed for men’s skin and features a male version of the signature Nashi Argan fragrance.
Share your passion with him and give a brand new sensory experience that will leave your man feeling great!

200 ml

Shower Gel hair & body


Had a bad day? Help him to wash away his worries with Nashi Argan Shower Gel, a single product for both the hair and body which cleanses, regenerates and delivers incredible softness. Is there a better way to prepare him for your romantic evening together?

Choose it if

  • you want a practical “all-in-one” product but still demand quality and performance
  • you are looking for a cleansing product which you can use also after sports, that regenerates and revitalises

How to use it

  • wet hair and body, apply and work into a rich lather
  • rinse thoroughly
Prepared with Organic Argan Oil , Organic Linseed Oil, Organic baobab oil (Tree of Life), Kombu extract.

50 ml

Cleanser face & beard



Does your man find it hard to get up in the morning? Start his day off nice and gently with Nashi Argan Cleanser which will leave his skin and beard feeling soft, purified and fragranced… and will amaze you with their incredibly velvety touch!

Choose it if

  • you are looking for a mild cleanser which removes excess of impurities
  • you want to protect your skin and beard from excessive dryness, so they feel fresh and in shape all day long

How to use it

  • wet the face and beard and apply product
  • rinse thoroughly
Prepared with Organic Argan Oil , Organic Linseed Oil, Organic baobab oil (Tree of Life), Hamamelis.


100 ml

The Balm moisturizing after shave


Want a hassle-free aftershave? Soothe redness and irritations with Nashi Argan The Balm, a multi-purpose moisturising aftershave which will leave his face feeling super soft and the skin irresistibly touchable!

Choose it if

  • you want to moisturise and tone your face and beard every morning
  • you are looking for a soothing aftershave product that normalises the skin

How to use it

  • apply the product on the face and massage in gently until it is completely absorbed
Prepared with Organic Argan Oil , Organic Linseed Oil, Organic baobab oil (Tree of Life), Panthenol and Allantoin


50 ml

Oil hair & beard


Want smoother, softer hair? Say goodbye to coarse, wiry hair with Nashi Argan Oil and prepare to be amazed by just how great his hair and beard feel as you run your hands through them, a truly gratifying feeling of softness!

Choose it if

  • you want to manage, discipline and nourish your hair and beard, eliminating frizz
  • you are looking for a specific product to lighting up your hair and beard without making them greasy

How to use it

  • to discipline an unruly beard, pour a couple of drops of the product onto the palm of your hand, depending on the length, and work evenly into your beard
  • for the perfect beard, use the Nashi Argan Beard Brush with its oak handle and boar bristles to detangle and get rid of knots
  • to style, apply a small amount of product to damp hair. Work in evenly over the hair then dry. Also great for taming and lighting dry hair
Prepared with Organic Argan Oil , Organic Linseed Oil, Organic baobab oil (Tree of Life).

The precious Nashi Argan ingredients

Organic Argan Oil 

This is a rare and valuable ingredient because it is extracted manually in a difficult, time-consuming process. Forty kilograms of fruit from the Argania Spinosa are needed to produce one litre of oil. It stimulates vital cell functions, restructures and hydrates deep down. Rich in fatty acids, it has powerful nourishing properties, helping to keep skin supple and compact. Fighting the signs of skin aging at the same time.

Organic Linseed Oil

Extremely rich in linoleic acidand fatty acids, this oil has great elasticising properties and helps to restore hydration and softness of the skin. It nourishes and encourages cell oxygenation and natural renewal.

Organic baobab oil (Tree of Life)

Renowned for its smoothing and emollient properties, this oil nourishes hair and beard, leaving them soft and supple. It helps to reverse the effects of aging for skin that will look visibly more revitalised.

Kombu extract

This Japanese plant-based extract is rich in laminarin, mannitol and beta-carotene and is well-known for its powerful hydrating and revitalising properties. It also encourages microcirculation and helps balance sebum.


Commonly known as witch hazel, this natural ingredient purifies and tones and is especially effective on greasy skin. It has a soothing and calming effect, helps prevent perspiration and reduces the unpleasant odours that this can sometimes cause.

Panthenol and Allantoin

The combined action of pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) and allantoin helps soothe and hydrate irritated skin.

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